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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> so when's the last time you saw traffic like this at 11:00 on a sunday night? a steady line of traffic.
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we'll have the holiday forecast in just a moment. we want to check in with tom. what are people saying tonight? >> they're saying it's a busy holiday travel weekend, all over the place, all forms of transportation. the union station the second busiest. they had over five million passengers which was up over 3% from the year before. it is awful busy in there. >> when it comes to people traveling forl newcasters often cover the driving story and we always cover the plane story. but we don't always cover the train story. but the number of people choosing trains is on the rise. at union station tonight we found long lines for a train headed to philly in new york. >> it's christmas and everyone's
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going places. >> i haven't took the train in 20 years. >> but this couple thought it was better taking the train than driving. >> it's easier for us to catch the train so we don't have to deal with all the stuff. >> the choice was between the train and flying. >> it was the first time i had to take the train. i usually fly. and the plane was quite expensive this year. >> amtrak set an all-time record for passengers this past thanksgiving and over this past year as a whole. a spokesperson said starting this last thursday it added extra passenger scars to is train. it won't go back to normal capacity until january 2nd. although train ridership is growing, it isn't for everyone. milton said there's no way he would ride amtrak to visit his family all the way to ohio. >> it takes too long. a 13-hour trip to cincinnati. >> according to aaa driving is
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the number one way people travel during christmas time. it seems that trains are gaining a little bit this year. locally flying is up but nationally it is down. it looks some of those folks have chosen to take the train instead. >> thank you for that. we've been asking the question -- are we going to get a white christmas? >> some people were asking it. some people were hoping. i'm not. >> the chances for a white christmas ar going to look for a wintery mix during the day tomorrow that will change over to rain. but we're not going to look for any accumulations in terms of snowfall. 28 degrees at dulles. 28 at gaithersburg. the radar shows the clouds just beginning to filter in across the mid-atlantic. we are going to call for partly
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cloudy skies for the overnight. waking up tomorrow morning for that last minute shopping. it will be dry. 28 to 34 degrees. a full look at the time line and when everything will start and end and what to expect come christmas day. all that coming up in just a few minutes from bervings lfort furniture. >> a u.s. senator was arrested this morning and he's accused of drunk driving. we're talking about senator michael crapo. he failed several field sobriety tests and was charged with drinking and driving. crapo issued a statement that read in part, he's sorry for his
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actions and has apologized to his family. he is due in court the first week of january. >> president obama and first lady were attending services for senator inouye. >> the body of job price was found in afghanistan yesterday. investigators say it appears he took his own life. he was a member of seal team four. the team train local police to fight the taliban in remote parts of the country. new information in a deadly shooting in northeast washington in weekend. according to d.c. police the second victim died early yesterday morning on bladensburg road. police are offering a reward of up to $25,000. >> we get to the latest over
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guns in america. wayne lapierre the vice president of the n.r.a. isn't backing down from the idea to arm guards at our nation's school. he talked with moderator david gregory from "meet the press." >> i don't understand that when that horrible monster tried to shoot his way into sandy hook school that if a good guy with a gun had been there he might have been ail to stop him. >> lapierre has drawn criticism for not talking about the possibility of gun control legislation. and we're less than 10 days away from the so-called fiscal cliff. and tonight there's no movement from either side towards the deal. congressman nick mulvaney talked about why he couldn't go with john boehner's plan b. >> i was never convinced and
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still not convinced that the senat was every going to take it up. people seemed to assume that all the house needed to do was pass this bill and it would be the end of the discussion. i believe from the beginning and continue to believe that the president has no interest at all in not going over the cliff. he wants to go over the cliff. >> well, as far the president, he said on friday that lawmakers needed to go home over the holidays to cool off but come back ready to make a deal. >> fire has destroyed a home that was more than a century old. the fire broke out around 12:30 this afternoon. no one was hurt. the fire caused about $50,000 damage. >> d.c. area boaters and kayakers are in for a shock tonight. that's because a georgetown landmark is being shut down. the national park service has terminated the lease for jack's boat house. the boat house sits on a georgetown waterfront near key bridge. it opened in 1945. the current owner says he's
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heart broken. >> five, 10 years ago, nobody wanted to be out here. and now georgetown has changed and now everybody wants a piece of it. and i think -- i think that well frankly we're the last of the private boat house owners here on the potomac and we don't really have any political muscle. >> he says he must leave by the end of january. so far no comment in the national park service. he has nearly 30 employees that will be out of a job in a month. >> it is the end of an era. the cover features a picture of the old offices in new york. the head line is #lastprintissue. the magazine could no longer afford to be in front. "newsweek" will be digital early next year. >> a local girl battling cancer is thinking of others.
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we'll show you how her campaign has gone beyond even what she imagined. >> a happy home coming. >> and the
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>> it sure will be a happy christmas for an air force colonel from leesburg. we caught up with lawrence nixson when he arrived this evening. his wife and 9-year-old son were there to meet him. boy, he looks happy, doesn't he? >> he'll be home for two weeks before returning to duty for his third deployment overseas. he plans to get away for a mini vacation in williamsburg. >> a heartwarming story of a local little girl battling cancer derrelled to do things
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for other sick -- determined to do things for sick kids. >> a little girl's passionate belief that children struggling with illness have a right to live has touched many. >> for weeks leesburg residents have been reading notes. they're handwritten by children from across the globe. >> letters from ecuador and all over europe. >> they aren't met from kris kringle. >> gabriela has an inoperable brain tuesday momple before going, this thoughtful fourth grader has an epiphany. she asked for letters to santa because macy's donates a dollar
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for every one. they blew past their goal of 10,000. 100,000 became 150 sparbgssp far -- 150,000 letters. they delivered this avalanche of love. >> it's pretty incredible. despite radiation treatment and chemo gay georgia -- gabriel was there for the total of letters. 240,983. but one more letter would be red. >> dear santa, i'm gabriela, the one with a tumor. make a wish has really touched me. >> you can hear her strength in every word. >> i want to say one more thing. this is my motto. you might have a bad day today but there's always a bright star
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you can look forward to tomorrow. look inside with your bright star. thank you. happy holidays. [cheers and applause] >> an idea ignited in a little girl's heart, traveled around the world and returned with the immeasurable gift of hope. and get this, macy's officials donated an additional $25,000 in gabriel's name to the make-a-wish foundation. so that plus her efforts will allow 36 more children to get their wish. >> wow, jay, thanks for bringing her story. it's so amazing to see her. absolutely. >> so we're not going to see a white christmas apparently. but there is some wet weather ahead. >> yep, we're hey, look! a shooting
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star! make a wish! i wish we could
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>> hundreds of runners as you see got up early in morning for a new cancer treatment. if third annual river crest run.
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the proceeds will help duke' research effort. >> it is 36 degrees right now. can you imagine the temperature when they started running? >> yesterday we had those wind gusts of 40 to 60 miles per hour. the wind chill factor even colder. it sounds a lot worse than it's going to be. >> no snow, right? >> we can't say that yet. the wind has settled down. so we don't have a wind chill to deal with. they move through the remainder of the overnight and into the early morning hours. today made it to 47 degrees. it felt a lot better out there today. thanks to the sunshine and lack of the windy conditions. 71 our record high set?
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1990. arlington, 32 degrees. they had a high of 43. 45 for the high at children's hospital. now 41. and it's 30 in germantown not. rain to speak of. well that's going to change as we move throughout the day tomorrow. we're not expecting a lot but enough that we may see a little bit of appear wintery mix. 32 degrees in winchester. 32. temperatures across the board in the 20's, the 30's, the 40's. the wind chill factor i promised you when the winds diminish that our wind chill will actually increase. we're looking at things typical for this time of year as we round out the month of december. south and west of us, thisly bring some very strong storms to the south during the day tomorrow, worth watching but for us this is northeastward. we are going to look for clouds
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to increase. a better chance for a wintery mix in the early afternoon hours. by dinner time changing over to all rain. for the district and southern maryland this is going to be a rain event. so we're not looking for any accumulations. doppler radar is quiet. but this will look much different during the day tomorrow. our future cast will take us through the overnight hours into tomorrow afternoon christmas eve notice how to showers approach. area shaded in blue and pink, this could be a little bit of a wintery mix. montgomery county to fredrick county and louden county. all of this moves by midnight tomorrow night. christmas day with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 30's. tomorrow wintery mix changing to rain. 37 to 42. and the extended outlook shows a
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more potent storm on wednesday. right now it look like ravenlt could see one to two inches of rain. rain not snow by the time this moves out of here. saturday look as little interesting. of course, that's five days away. a lot can change between now and then. the track right now doesn't look promising. >> all right. different variables to keep our eye on. >> and we've been keeping our eye on the redskins and their playoff run. >> very promising at this point. it's all going to come down to next sunday which is so crazy when they were 3-6 going into the bye. redskins fans woke up to an amazing and tense game with number 10 going on
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>> well, the redskins had their biggest game of the season. yet, a bigger one still to come. luckily rg-3 was there. what the redskins had to show for it? enjoy it, a six-game-winning streak. >> as expected rg-3 got the started wearing a knee brace. >> it's not abbreviated with a running quarterback before that or whatever else anyone else wants to say. they call me quarterback because they lead the team. i'm supposed to go out there and throw the ball and assist and that's what i was able to do the redskins offense had some woes early but this 42-yarder, his 17th straight make to start his career. that set an nfl record. rg-3 with a screen pass to morgan. morgan takes it in 13-7, washington. they led 13-10 at the break.
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alfred morris untouched. redskins go up 20-10. then the play of the game. certainly the prettiest of the game rg-3, perfect touch with moss who got both feet in. washington leads 27-17. >> you never know. you try to make the best of it knowing that you've been through that situation before, practicing and practice on the sidelines an try to make the most of it. >> eagles narrowed it 27-20 on this run by deion lewis. things got interested. eagles went ran all the way down. redskins get pressure. one second left, nope. the 10-second run-off. >> also, coming off of five wins you play with a lot of confidence and you find ways to make plays with a w. >> i was really proud the way they finish. you have to find a way to win
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those games those tight games and they're not easy. >> since that 3-6 start, six straight wins by the redskins. up next, the dallas cowboys at fedex field. >> when the referee throws the flag, we said let's go and get cowboys. >> pandemonium at fedex field, the way you like it. we encourage the fans to get out there early. let's go ahead and flex this game and you know, we'll make it real nice. >> all right. it was just announced next week's game will be flexed to 8:20. he could see into the future. >> meanwhile new york's defense did not show up today allowing joe flacco to throw for 309 yards. flacco makes the fake and he throws deep for tori. missed an unbelievable catch over the shoulder.
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14-0 ravens. going 27 yards for the t.d. ravens win 27-13. they also win the a.f.c. north division. >> the cowboys got to check in with them hosting the same picking up an o.t. david heartily's 20-yard field goal was a dagger to the nation. >> cowboys lose, 34-31 and we'll see the redskins next week. there were reports out of new york that tim tebow opted out of practice. typically they use him in the wildcat formation. but according to reports tebow was so frustrated with starting mcilroy over him. >> and you know what his teammates said to that -- thank you. >> i can't blame him though. >> but you're the teammate. you should be ther
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>> it is an annual tradition in spain a lottery at christmas time. we're going to tell you why the jackpot in the game makes the power ball so weak. >> it is realry a huge lottery in spain. there were multiple winners. most of the winners near madrid. >> the pay-off is around half a million dollars. a man bought 10 of those tick.
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and guess what they are $5 million richer. the country takes a have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back
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>> head over to our website,, some very cool pictures of know flakes. you're probe saying to yourself this is not very special. it was taken in 1880. and we have about 20 of them on our website. be sure to take a look. we could see a few of our own snowflakes here tomorrow. best chances north and west.
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